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Create high speed rail connecting all European citizens and capitals

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What we want is to connect all EU capitals and citizens! Connected true high speed rail. It's time for EU politicians and EU governments to lead the way and make work of establishing high speed rail connections in Europe. For this to happen and politicians to move WE NEED YOUR VOICE!



The citizens of the European Union



  1. That Europe is not properly connected with high speed rail
  2. that because of this it's not possible to travel from Amsterdam to Berlin in 2.5 hours
  3. That the number of short distance flights is increasing
  4. That the number of road congestions is increasing
  5. An increase in population and public transport needs
  6. Traveling by train is fast, accessible, save, environmentally friendly
  7. Traveling by high speed train is thesolution for infra mobility issues and demographical problems


and request

to make work of the establishment of high speed rail connections:

  • Include concrete agreements in national government agreements
  • The European commission to support national governments and to add this to the priorities (part of the Green Deal of Smart Mobility)
  • Railway undertakings to be ambitious and make plans for establishment of high speed rail.

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